At SMB we believe that Ballet has something to offer for everyone, whether for pleasure or a career path we can support anyone. Classes are available from age 2 through to adults. The technical and classical art form teaches grace, fluidity, musicality and strength. Taking part in one of our ballet classes is sure to lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Tots Ballet

with Hannah at Knutsford

Our Tots ballet class is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful work of ballet, suitable for ages 2 – 4 yrs. The emphasis is on having fun and exploring movement, developing motor skills, musicality and self confidence. Children will be introduced to some of the core steps in ballet whilst incorporating props and exciting music!

Rosette Ballet & Tap

with Amy at Knutsford

In our rosette ballet & tap classes the overall emphasis is having fun. Children will learn simple movements and steps from the idta syllabus and work towards their first exam. Emphasis is placed on coordination, musicality, self confidence and following direction. All of our students will have the opportunity to take part in the SMB Dance show at the end of the year.

Grade 1 & 2 Ballet

with Amy at Knutsford

At this level children begin barre work and continue to develop their ballet technique through a series of engaging barre and centre exercises. Students have the opportunity to take the grade examination and medal tests.

Grade 4 Ballet

with Amy at Knutsford

At this level ballet technique is developed at the barre and in the centre focusing on strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination as well as developing expression through advanced use of ports de bras. Students have the opportunity to take grade examinations and medal tests.

Intermediate Ballet

with Amy at Knutsford

This highly sought professional performers exam is an opportunity for dancers to fully appreciate Ballet as an art form as they explore barre, centre and pointe work. It gives students the opportunity to fully showcase their dedication to ballet technique and love of performance. This qualification also enables pupils to gain UCAS points which are part of their university applications.


with Amy at Knutsford

This class is by invitation only. Students are invited to join once we feel they have the necessary requirements to begin pointe work. In this class students develop strength and technique at the barre before moving into the centre to learn more complex movements. Our fully qualified teachers understand that all students develop at different rates and have the knowledge and understanding as to how students progress within their pointe work.