Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatic dance combines floor work with rhythmic gymnastics and dancing, creating expressive and flowing routines. Children will learn fundamental dance skills whilst building strength and flexibility.

Rosette Acrobatic Dance & Jazz

with Hannah at Knutsford

Our rosette acrobatic dance class focuses on learning basic gymnastic skills and linking them with dance steps. Children will learn and master moves such as forward rolls, head to toes, cartwheels and much more. Strength, flexibility and coordination will be developed throughout classes. Children will have the opportunity to take part in rosette examinations and be awarded for their achievements.

Grade 2 & 3 Acrobatic Dance

with Hannah at Knutsford

Our grade 2 & 3 Acrobatic Dance class builds on basic technique with children learning more complex gymnastic skills and dance steps. This class focuses on building flexibility and strength through a series of routines and developing confidence in executing the gymnastic skills. Children will have the opportunity to participate in grade and star dance examinations.