Dance Classes

SMB Dance offers a wide range of dance styles including Freestyle Jazz, Street Dance, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Acrobatic Dance, Commercial Dance, Contemporary, Lyrical, Technique, Stretch & Strength. No matter what your style there is something for everyone at SMB Dance.

Street Dance

Street Dance at SMB is a high energy, fun and technical class. Classes are designed to suit all ages and abilities and students will leave feeling fantastic! Students will learn technique, coordination and build confidence in a safe and friendly environment. Join our specialist dance teachers in our fun and rewarding sessions.

Freestyle Jazz

Freestyle Jazz is an artistic dance style, it allows the students to express themselves and feel free within their movements. Students have the opportunity to explore many different music choices and different ways of interpreting movements throughout the routines. Jazz technique is used to develop strength, flexibility and coordination. Students have the opportunity to take part in exams and perform in our annual show. At SMB Dance we think that performing is such a valuable and enjoyable experience.


At SMB we believe that Ballet has something to offer for everyone, whether for pleasure or a career path we can support anyone. Classes are available from age 2 through to adults. The technical and classical art form teaches grace, fluidity, musicality and strength. Taking part in one of our ballet classes is sure to lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Contemporary dance continues to break and set new boundaries within the dance world. Join our contemporary classes to develop essential contemporary technique, develop creative skills for choreography and learn a variety of contemporary dance routines. These classes are perfect for students considering or taking dance BTEC, GCSE or A-Level Dance- Amy is also a qualified secondary and post 16 dance teacher.

Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatic dance combines floor work with rhythmic gymnastics and dancing, creating expressive and flowing routines. Children will learn fundamental dance skills whilst building strength and flexibility.

Stretch & Strength

Our stretch & strength class is a must for any student wanting to push themselves and improve to the next level. Students are given the opportunity to work on personal goals and benefit from the time and experience of our teacher.


Time steps, Ragtime, shuffle hop steps- our tap classes offer a wide variety of steps at different levels for all abilities.

Commercial Dance

Commercial dance refers to dancing performed in pop artist live shows, music videos and movies. … Sometimes, you will find uncommon styles worked into this style but most commonly it is ‘street dance’. Commercial dance is a super fun style of dance to learn, very upbeat and entertaining. Children will have the opportunity to perform in our annual dance show.


This class is designed to help students following any of our dance styles to improve dance technique, strength, flexibility and overall performance skills. Students and teachers are overwhelmed by the results after joining this high energy class.


Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It combines many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, and expressiveness of jazz, contemporary and modern dance.